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The Shortest Edge tool should help you easily select between the shortest, or the longest edge. I often come along the problem that I need the biggest edge of a primitive. So usually I convert the line, measuring the length, compare it to the others and selecting it based on that. But that is quite tedious to do every time. So here is a little helper.

In addition, you can switch between primitives and edges.

The download contains the tool as an .hdalc file. If you have any questions, let me know.

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  • Warning

    Please be aware of the fact, that these are not real objects. You get digital assets (no, not Crypto or something). These are exclusive 3D models, houses, tools and much more in the future. You will probably end up doing much cooler things with these bad boys here than I do. So have fun and let us know if we can improve on anything. Thanks