About pointindex

pointindex is a source for 3D assets, tools and 3D models for you and your projects, ready to be used in any application that you are working with.

Originated from the obsession over procedural workflows, pointindex provides you with the assets that will level up your scene, pictures, animation, even your own marketing, if used accordingly.

We include two Cinema 4D files in every product we sell, with everything set up to start directly. One is based on Octane render with all the settings, and the other is for Cinema 4D's Redshift Render. So no matter if you are working with C4D and Octane or C4D and Redshift, you can start right from the get go with your own renders.

We really love to create tools and products that help you refine and enrich your own project. With the best quality we can provide. To help us with that quality, we appreciate your feedback and comments, and we will keep on improving based on them. Thank you very much for supporting pointindex.