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Cargo Container HDA For Unreal Engine

Cargo Container HDA For Unreal Engine

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An HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) featuring a collection of container components, designed to produce a cargo container structure that is highly customizable.

The project comes with 440 elements which will be instanced by the tool to build the container structure.

It can not only generate all sizes, from small single cube container to huge container city like structure. It also lets you change all sorts of elements like windows, electric facilities, ventilation system solar panels balconies entries and so much more. Change one parameter and let the tool find its way to place all other system in a meaningful manner (e.g. no windows in front of walls).

The tool works with a UDIM tile workflow that can be controled by parameters. The basic texture pack (Real Docks) comes with 45 maps for diffuse, displacement, metallic, normal and roughness. It contains 3 diffrent color variations (red, blue and green) which can be changed and combined by parameters in the tool (watch the intro video for more info).

Additionally there are 12 more maps for the setdressing elements like stairs and such.


  • HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) for generating container structures in Unreal Engine
  • UDIM workflow (5 materials for all 440 meshes)
  • Cargo Container in any size. From single cubic module to entire contianer city (see demo clip)
  • Highly customizable tool with different elements sets for unique containers
  • Intelligent placing of modules (e.g. no stairs in front of doors, no windows in front of walls etc.)
  • Utilizes data table for linking instances to generated HDA point cloud

Number of Unique Meshes: 440
Collision: automatically generated
Vertex Count:
LODs: No
Number of Materials: 5 different materials
Number of Textures: 285 in total for the basic texture map pack
Texture Resolutions: 2048*2048 for all textures
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes (not tested)
Documentation: Link

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  • Warning

    Please be aware of the fact, that these are not real objects. You get digital assets (no, not Crypto or something). These are exclusive 3D models, houses, tools and much more in the future. You will probably end up doing much cooler things with these bad boys here than I do. So have fun and let us know if we can improve on anything. Thanks