Choose from more than 100+ neon signs - FOR FRE

We are dedicated to craft a platform, that provides you with unique models and tools for Houdini and beyond, to help you in your daily workflow.

pointindex is aming to build a library for 3D assets like neon signs, brick houses, stylized favela houses and many more.

3D Models

What's In The Box?


2 Neon Sign Models

Each download (with few exceptions) comes with two geometry variations. One with laying and one with hanging wires. This way you have the flexibility whether you want to hang or lay down your model.

2 Cinema 4D Scenes

In each download you will find:

- Cinema 4D file with Octane setup and materials

- Cinema 4D file with Redshift setup and materials

16K Textures

Additionally you get:

- 16K Concrete Albedo Map

- 16K Concrete Normal Map

Custom LUT

Every sign comes with a our custom LUT that diales up your contrast and gets the most out of your renders.

2 VDB Files

Each download contains 2 vdb files. One for the inside lines and one for the outside. Only some of the logo Neon Signs will have only 1 vdb. In general you can see that right away on the preview.